Meet Anthony - A Barber Making Money in his Shop with Rocky Mountain Barber & Real Life Success Story

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Anthony Sideri from North Andover, Massachusetts, describes cutting hair as a “true passion”, but chat to him for more than a few minutes, and it’s clear: that’s not the only one. Anthony took up the craft after the birth of his second daughter, realizing he wanted to spend more time with his children.

“I love every second that I am at the shop,” he says, “and I’m lucky enough now to cut hair a five-minute walk from my home. The Main Street location allows me to be in the center of town – and makes visits from my daughters more frequent.”

And when he’s not in the shop or spending time with his family? You’ll find Anthony at schools, jails, and hospitals, giving talks on the dangers of drug addiction.

He would know: not long ago, Anthony hit rock bottom. What started out as a high school flirtation with prescription medications turned into something far more sinister, as he fell into a life of heroin abuse.

It all came to a head when he was arrested, after robbing a bank to feed his next fix – he spent almost two full years in prison, and vowed never to touch the stuff again. That was in 2007, and he’s been true to his word: this is his tenth year sober.

“I completed barber school almost ten years ago,” he says, “and a year ago I realized that I wanted to be much more present than my previous job allowed.”

The life change is paying off – clients love the way he attends to their specific requirements and prioritizes what will make them look and feel great. His in-store range of Rocky Mountain Barber’s all-natural, plant-based products is a hit, he says.

barbers with wholesale pomade

“Customers have been begging for the products since I began using them. The Rocky Mountain Barber Texture Paste is a real favorite. I have older gentlemen and mothers of small children all interested in the products – they’ve won the hearts of many moms because of the natural, plant-based ingredients.”

wholesale texture paste

Anthony knows life isn’t easy. It’s something you have to fight for, with an eye fixed on what keeps you healthy and happy.

What makes Anthony a great barber? Simple: he’s been to a dark place and emerged with a new love for what matters in life. This is a man you can trust.

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What Products Should I Sell in My Barbershop?

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Guys aren’t great at grooming. Ask any experienced barber, accustomed to helping clean up the mess men make of themselves day in and day out, and he’ll tell you: looking after their appearance is just not something that comes naturally to most guys.

 This is why a barber is such an important figure in a man’s life. Sure, most of the time he might be content with the odd shampoo or cursory shave, but put a job interview or first date in front of him, and suddenly, he’ll make it your job to undo days or even weeks of personal neglect.

 And when that day comes, you need to be ready. We’re talking battle-ready, with every possible weapon of mess-destruction in your utility belt, prepared to wage war against dry and damaged hair, tangled beards, furry necks, lengthy sideburns, unkempt eyebrows, and even untrimmed, untidy forests of ear hair.

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