How Do I Place an Order?

If you haven't already, please apply to our wholesale program. We'll review your application and provide a response within 1-2 business days.

Once approved, you'll get exclusive access to our wholesale customer portal where you can view pricing and place your order. 

Why Do I Have to Apply to See Pricing?

We take the same approach to our partners as we do with our products. We want our partners to share our commitment to quality, value and customer service. After you apply and are approved, you'll be sent a login and password which will allow you to access pricing and order products directly from our website.

What Happens After I Apply?

We will review your application and notify you via email if you have been approved within 1-2 business days.

Is Ordering from Rocky Mountain Barber Company Risk-Free?

Yes! Please see our 90 Day Return Policy.

Why Should I Carry your Products?

Carrying Rocky Mountain Barber Company in your barbershop, salon or retail location is your chance to sell to hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers across North America.

Are There Any Other Benefits Of Carrying your Products?

Once you make your first purchase, we'll share a photo to our over 50,000 loyal social fans and tell them where they can find your shop. All you need to do is send us photos of our product in your shop!


Your store will also be added to our Store Locator on our brand website:


Why Are Only Some of Your Products Available For Wholesale Purchase ?

This website contains only our best-selling and most frequently-requested products. If you are interested in carrying products not listed on this website, Contact Us and we will create a custom order for you. 

What is Your Minimum Order Quantity? 

Our minimum order for most products starts at just 10 units.

Where Do You Ship To?

We ship anywhere in North America (United States and Canada). To purchase from Canada, please visit our Canadian wholesale website.

Can I Test your Products Before I Buy?

Absolutely. Just fill out our sample form here and we'll send you a product of your choice.

Do Your Products Ever Expire?

Our non-consumable items such as combs have an unlimited shelf-life. We recommend using our consumable products within 12 months of opening.

What is Your Return Policy?

Please visit our Return Policy.

Who are Some of your Typical Wholesale Customers?

Our typical customers include barbers, salons, small business owners and large retail outlets across the United States and Canada. We have customers that range in size from one-person operations to large national retailers with hundreds of locations.

What are Some Tips for Selling?

Examples of how to sell our products include:
- Selling the product at the point of purchase using our POP Display
- Incentivizing your barbers and stylists to sell products to their clients

Do you Offer Discounts for Larger Orders?

Yes, the price decreases the more units you order. For large orders, please Contact Us for pricing.

Are you able to Fulfill Custom Orders?

Yes. We are able to accommodate all order sizes, ranging from just 10 units to thousands of units. Please Contact Us to inquire about custom orders.

What is the Cost of Shipping?

Shipping rates are calculated at checkout.

What are the Payment Terms?

Orders are made online using our web store and payment is made at checkout. Alternative payment terms are available for larger orders.

Where Do Orders Ship From?

All orders ship from New York State.